AX last weekend was awesome but despite the corner balance, still had a tad bit of three wheeling on right hand sweepers under throttle.  Bigger torsion bars would fix this but 23/31mm bars would just be too stiff for the street.  Last year, I obtained a Tarret rear sway bar set up but the install was going to be a pita and just procrastinated. After talking with a few folks, it really was going to be my only choice.  The Wevo RARB mounts are designed to mount onto 911 73-89 so again, taking a perfectly designed item and had to modify it to make it work for my application.  Luckily, the coolant lines almost cleared and only had to cut and rotate the end ~15 degrees.  Then bolt everything back together. 



Well after the brake caliper rebuild, still had issues on hard braking with the RF locking way before anywhere else.  Got some time last month to put her on the scales and do a corner balance.  Was way off!  Now she drives like a new car and can jump on the brakes and stop on a dime.  Weight ended up at 2150 with me and a 1/2 tank of gas 😀

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Been quite some time but only because I haven’t had much to update on.  There seemed to still be an issue on hard braking that my front passenger wheel would lock.  thinking it might have been an issue with the caliper, i rebuilt it with an ATE kit but still the same.  the next part out I questioned was the short S shaped line that i built that goes from the braided hose to the caliper and i wondered if i had over tightened it.  that was replaced with an oem steel line just to make sure and one of those “while i’m in there moments” took over and decided to install new bearings/seal and just for reassurance, installed a fresh set of calipers from PMB.   everything went back together as expected and will have to do a bedding in protocol.  still need to do a formal alignment and corner balance so that will be next on the list i think.110814bAA030


Visited friends in Healdsburg over the weekend. It’s always a joy to see them and hang out on their property, deep in the mountains where they raise lavender and other flowers to sell in order to feed their travel addiction. The lighting there is so serene with the tall redwoods lining the perimeter, filtering the light when not directly overhead. I’m still learning the digital stuff with Lightroom and Photoshop. Such a steep learning curve. I got a hold of the VSCO film emulation filters to play with in Lightroom but the jury is still out on that one. Anyway, just a few test shots to throw on the blog.













Got the blues can’t be satisfied

I had gotten the radiator in and went out for a drive to EASY but in my zealous use of acceleration and braking on my way home, I some how clearanced one of the 1.25″ hose that has to go UNDER the front crossmember. Luckily, I was able to get her home just in time. Lying in bed, I came to an epiphany, don’t go UNDER the crossmember but THROUGH. In other words, swap out the aluminum crossmember and use the ’68 steel unit and drill a 1.25″ for 2 pass thru steel tubes and weld them in. Eureka! Over the previous weekend I dug it out, drilled the holes thru and tigged in the pieces. Today I bolted her up, cut the hose and burped the coolant again, deja vu. Wow, the under belly of the car no longer has any low hanging fruit from the swap 😀 Decided to go for a test drive out to the old Naval base and found a perfect spot to take a few photos in the soft light. A few more short excursions and I think it’s time for a road trip!!!



Backyard Bandit

Up early to watch the last hour of the 24 hour of Le Mans. Went to bed hoping for the 919 Porsche turbo 4 to have a great outcome but sounds like the gremlins of a new program robbed them of not only victory but even technically finishing the race with one lap lacking. Like they say, “to finish first, you must first finish.” Caught this little dude peeking over my shoulder this AM. Not with Leica glass, which I miss, but it’s the process.


Oh, here is a great view from a backing packing trip my son and I did last week along the John Muir Trail.