Sorry about posting less project oriented content lately, photo bug has bitten me :D . I think for simplicity, I’ll keep this site for projects and trip reports but I’ve started a Tumblr page for just share photos, cars and non car subject matter if anyone cares to view. See the link at the top of the page and thanks to all for all the private messages and comments.

Field testing


Problem: I can’t remember if i’ve updated but i had and issue with the coolant hose going under the aluminum SC steering crossmember. at one point, i clearanced one of them which started a bit of a leak. luckily i was only a bout 2 miles from home and was able to get her back before too much leaked.

Intervention: I swapped out the aluminum crossmember for my ’68 steel crossmember and put too small 1.25″ pass thru tubes thru it for the radiator lines. Been running it around town for a few weeks and all seemed well. Time to venture out. Wife and I put in 250 mostly backroad miles along the coast and no issues even with the front end lowered back down to race stance :D

Assessment: with no more low hanging items and after over 200 miles of backroads spirited driving, i consider this a issued solved. btw, still >25mpg of mostly all B roads.

Stars and stripes

Up early walking along the staging area for my small towns parade route. Bright enough that I had to run an +3 stop ND filter to get that Bokeh at f/2. Saw a beautiful Austin but still doesn’t hold a candle to our P’cars ;)

Happy 4th!







Visited friends in Healdsburg over the weekend. It’s always a joy to see them and hang out on their property, deep in the mountains where they raise lavender and other flowers to sell in order to feed their travel addiction. The lighting there is so serene with the tall redwoods lining the perimeter, filtering the light when not directly overhead. I’m still learning the digital stuff with Lightroom and Photoshop. Such a steep learning curve. I got a hold of the VSCO film emulation filters to play with in Lightroom but the jury is still out on that one. Anyway, just a few test shots to throw on the blog.













Thinning the herd

Well, I’m finally down to a parlor guitar acoustic and a Strat and one little Fender Champ amp. The Santa Cruz H-13 just cried for someone to play her more. I’ve had her for a about 4 years and enjoyed her voicing and feel. Maybe we’ll meet again another day. In the mean time, Kyle, one of my sons and I have been photographing together and figured I might as well post some images here too of our outings using the new glass.

Today we explored the people in Golden Gate Park during a free concert with several artist including “Magic!” As you can imagine, it felt like the high school quad with the mean age probably hovering in the <18 range for the heart throbs with their Ragge sound.

Don't worry, I'll still be posting car progress and its adventures ;)